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Already in management

Our Senior Career CV package is the most popular request we receive and is designed for those from any industry already working in management.

Here the CVs and letters take a big jump up in terms of targeting specific roles and market sectors with considerable research going into every CV. Our consultations are very in-depth and tend to be more like an interview (but in safe hands with us) so that we truly develop an achievement-focused professional CV that makes you highly competitive within your industry group and peers.

Key points to note before selecting this package:

  • Suitable for anyone already operating at mid-management level or in a leadership role
  • Also ideal for the more ambitious of you who want to take a leap of faith and really position yourself up several stages in your career
  • Typical positions for this package are customer service team leaders, principals, change managers, technical leads, project managers, lawyers, head chefs, accountants, marketing managers, senior engineers, regional managers, business owners and service delivery managers
  • The writing approach is far more formal with the focus away from 'me' and 'I' and the emphasis on what value you can add to an organisation, your leadership style and key relevant quantifiable achievements. We build a personalised profile, as part of the CV, that changes for different industries and roles
  • For both the Senior and Executive Career CV packages, you are assigned a high-level senior consultant and every professional CV is peer reviewed to ensure it meets the brief and/or job description
  • At this level, it is very common to need more than one CV and letter set to correctly position yourself for different industry sectors or roles requiring specific competencies. As a general rule, second sets are approximately half of the original cost, subject to a quote and dependant on how much work is required
  • The more targeted and role-specific you allow us to be, the increased chances of your success in being selected for interview. Without exception, every application needs to be personalised to each role you apply for, ensuring key competencies and criteria are addressed
  • If in doubt, call us on   0800 867 287.

If you also want a LinkedIn Profile to complement your new CV then we offer a 50% discount on the normal price of a LinkedIn Profile of $250.00.  With this CV package the LinkedIn Profile is only $125.00 + GST ($143.75) 

CV and cover letter - $560.00 + GST ($644.00)

CV, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile - $685.00 + GST ($787.75)


CV only - $500.00 + GST ($575.00)

CV and LinkedIn Profile - $625.00 + GST ($718.75)


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"Amazing work, what a difference!

I couldn't have managed this on my own, thank you. It is exactly what I require for the UK market, all I have to do is get a job now!"

Jon Surman
Business Development Manager, Auckland / Birmingham UK

“Thank you as I have just received an offer today for my dream job. Clearly my charm and witty banter helped but it was backed up by a solid and professional looking CV.”

DS - Business Development Manager, Auckland


“I have been thrilled and delighted with the service I have received from the team at Global CV Solutions. It had been a number of years since I had to even think about updating my CV and applying for a new job. I also utilised their interview coaching service and I am sure this made all the difference.

Global CV made the process so much easier than I ever thought possible - quick, efficient, friendly and approachable. The finished result was outstanding.  I am now the National Sales Manager working in an industry I love and a big thanks to Global CV solutions  for their help and expertise.”

Haley Wilkin, National Sales Manager, Auckland