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p_2.png   Junior Career/Graduate CV Package

Up to 2 years' work experienc

Our Junior Career/ Graduate CV package is suitable for people at the start of their career, looking to be correctly and professionally positioned for the job market in their chosen field.

If you have been working full time or part-time during studies, for up to two years, then this is the right CV package for you.

Key points to note before selecting this package:

  • Suitable for students with some existing work experience, who are still at university and seeking part- or full-time relevant employment, or graduates entering the corporate world for the first time
  • Technically this package is suitable if you have up to 2 years' work experience however, there are always exceptions. For instance, if you have worked for the same company each summer break for 4 consecutive years, this package is still the right one for you
  • The amount of work experience is based on the actual number of years that you have been working in a commercial  or other work environment and does not necessarily refer to continuous employment
  • Voluntary work, placements, practicums and internships are considered part of your work experience· If you have come from another country but only have up to 2 years work experience in New Zealand, you may need the next package up (Early Career) depending on the relevance of your previous work. As a general rule, we like to include earlier work history as it shows a level of career consistency and ability
  • This package focuses on your core competencies and strengths, the skills learnt and developed from working in a practical environment, any successes through school and university, and a general overview of your career, role and industry aspirations
  • If in doubt, call us on   0800 867 287

If you also want a LinkedIn Profile to complement your new CV then we offer a 50% discount on the normal price of a LinkedIn Profile of $180.00.  With this CV package the LinkedIn Profile is only $90.00 + GST ($103.50) 


 CV and cover letter -  $230.00 + GST ($264.50)  

CV, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile - $320.00 + GST ($368.00)

CV -  $180.00 + GST ($207.00)  

CV and LinkedIn Profile - $270.00 + GST ($310.50)

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"I am very pleased with the work you have done for me.

My CV and Cover Letter are well written; I have been represented in a totally new way. I was also impressed with your working efficiency and attitude - you delivered a timely and precise service.

Thank you again for your effort."

Daisy Zhang, Graduate Accountant, Auckland

"Love all the work you have done.Thank you SO SO much, I cannot believe how awesome they have come out.

I am so deeply appreciative of the time and energy you have spent on my CVs and cover letters, they are fantastic and I can't wait to apply for jobs now."

DC, Law Graduate, Christchurch


“CV is just amazing I like it the way it's written and organised thank you very much for that.” 

PS, Lab Technician, Palmerston North, December 2015