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p_2.png   Executive CV Package

CEO, GM, MD, CFO, COO, etc

This is our highest-level CV package, aimed at senior executives, business owners and directors.

The Executive CV package is extremely focused, targeting major achievements, leadership competencies across a broad range of business disciplines as well as major management initiatives you have implemented and driven.

Key points to note before selecting this package:

  • Suitable for anyone already operating at senior management or Board level, usually as part of the company's senior executive management team
  • Typical positions for this CV package include CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, Managing Director, Professor, General Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager/Director, HR Director, Judge, Head of Department and professional directors
  • The writing approach is all about what value you can add quickly to a new organisation, your background and relevance to the position you are applying for, the level and scope you are capable of, your leadership style and key relevant quantifiable achievements. We build a personalised profile, as part of the CV, that changes for different industries and roles
  • You are assigned a high-level senior consultant who understands the executive space and every CV is peer reviewed to ensure that it meets the brief and/or job description
  • At executive level, it is very common to need multiple CV and letter sets to correctly target you for different industry sectors or roles requiring specific competencies. As a general rule, subsequent sets are approximately half of the original cost, subject to a quote and dependant on how much work is required
  • The more targeted and role-specific you allow us to be, the increased chances of your success in being selected for interview. Without exception, every application needs to be personalised to each role you apply for, ensuring key competencies and criteria are addressed along with in-depth research of the company in question
  • If in doubt, call us on   0800 867 287.

If you also want a LinkedIn Profile to complement your new CV then we offer a 50% discount on the normal price of a LinkedIn Profile of $250.00.  With this CV package the LinkedIn Profile is only $125.00 + GST ($143.75) 

CV and cover letter - $660.00 + GST ($759.00)

CV, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile - $785.00 + GST ($902.75)


CV only - $600.00+ GST ($690.00)

CV and LinkedIn Profile - $725.00+ GST ($833.75)

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"Having had my own CV assessed as a 4/10 by GCV, my Consultant took the time to research the roles I was applying for and spent considerable time "interviewing" me.

The resulting CV and covering letter has a very different feel to my homely version, and one I free proud of. I actually gave them 10/10 for their efforts, both in terms of the content but also in terms of achieving expectations."

CM, International CEO and Professional Director, Auckland

"Thank you very much for your hard work and effort in creating my CV for me. I understand this was a difficult one for you and with my unique background and experiences, this did not fit the normal 'Cookie-Cutter' CV.

You have done a superb job and exceeded my expectations."

Paul Feenstra, CEO Film and Television, Wellington