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No Frills CV

Professional Resume on a Budget

Feeling the economic pinch lately? We hear you!

We have designed a budget-friendly CV so that you don’t feel short-changed. All we need is your existing CV OR we will send you a simple form to fill in - FAST and EASY.

We will:

  • Reformat to a professional standard
  • Remove irrelevant or outdated information
  • Check and proof all spelling and grammar
  • Reword where necessary
  • Provide logical order and sequence to CV
  • Get this all on 2-3 pages
  • Complete in 4 working days or less

We need:

Your old CV in electronic form – email to:

Cost only- $149 + GST ($171.35)

EXTRA – A covering letter is not included but can be priced according to requirements, level and job type. Email or call 0800 867 287 for details.


CV Packages