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p_2.png Writing a Good CV

Let us help you prepare for your next interview

Writing a good CV or resume is a real art. It is also one of the most strategic documents you may ever need.

With a constantly changing employment market and the demand for available roles increasing, it has become even more imperative that your CV and cover letter has the ‘X Factor’ and meets the competencies of the role.

 Having a professionally written CV could well be the best investment you make in your future.

Professionally written CV - the best investment

If you are struggling to justify the expenditure and you feel you ‘should’ be able to write your own CV (we hear this often), think of it like this:

  • Would you expect to do your own plumbing? Or electrical work? If you are doing renovations on your house, surely you would engage the services of an architect, designer and /or builder?
  • If you want to buy a new mountain bike, car or fancy appliance, chances are you would buy through a specialist who understands exactly what is available in the market and what best suits your needs.
  • If you are out of work for weeks, or even months, what is this cost to you? Not just in monetary terms but also the bigger picture of health, wellbeing, family and self esteem

If you have been applying for jobs week after week, month after month without any success, chances are something isn’t quite right.

Sometimes it can be something very small that puts potential recruiters off, other times there can be multiple problems within your current CV or letter.

This is where we can help with a well written CV.

Why you need a professionally written CV or resume:


You often only get one shot when you apply to a company or recruitment agency for a job so why wouldn’t you send the VERY best CV and letter?

Most people are inherently humble when it comes to writing about their background. This is your very own sales document so it needs to be a hard sell!

This is sooooooooooooo important, not only from the angle of correct grammar but also the positioning, content and level of writing

By dealing with specialists who are professional CV writers and understand the whole recruitment/HR mine field, you minimise the risk of getting it wrong

Our clients normally secure employment faster and are often surprised how quickly this can happen with the right targeted CV and letter

We know our approach works. This is supported by a huge number of referrals, repeat business and testimonials.

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 "Great, thank you for all your help! CV looks amazing! Now I can get onto it and start applying for jobs"

AA, Fashionista - Hamilton - December 2015


“CV is just amazing I like it the way it's written and organised thank you very much for that.” 

PS  - Lab Technician  - Palmerston North – December 2015