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CV Updates

 Any existing CV should be kept up to date …. but in this busy world that is easier said than done! 

 Updating your CV may require more than adding in details of your more recent positions; you may also have:

  • gained additional skills and expertise that need documenting
  • changed career direction that needs explanation
  • now want a more defined career path or specialisation that needs outlining
  • gained additional qualifications and/or acquired new interests and involvements
  • developed new values and perspectives that determine what you now want to do

Adding this new information into your existing CV can be a daunting prospect.  The document may not then read as well let alone adequately present the “new you” to readers!

Many of our existing clients find it easier and simpler to have us subsequently update and revamp their original CV as and when they look to move to a new role, embark on a new career, apply for a higher qualification or scholarship, move overseas for international experience and so on.    

 So we offer an updating and revamping service for both existing as well as new clients.  

Existing client? If we compiled your original CV then we will have this as well as any subsequent updates and cover letters on file.   

Please contact us and outline what you are now wanting to do and the context for this update.  It may be you are looking to apply for another position or simply have your updated CV ready in the event your next “dream job” comes up? 

Email us now: or call us: 0800 867287

New Client?  Please contact us, outline what you are needing to do and attach your present CV.  This will allow us to check that CV contains most if not all of the information needed for a contemporary CV …. even if the layout presentation may be quite different.  

If any important content is missing and needs compiling then the updating will be accordingly more involved.  If the content is too incomplete and/or the format is just too different to what the employment market now expects it may be more cost effective to compile a new CV rather than attempt to update the existing document.  We will come back to you with our comments and recommendations as well as a Proposal for Services      

Email us now: or call us on: 0800 867287    

Updating and Revamping your CV. Once we have your background information there may also be a short consultation by phone or Skype with the consultant who will be working with you.  We can normally complete an update within 3 working days of receiving a copy of your original CV and payment; that time line may extend if we need to compile additional material.