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Professional Resumes and Career Services

Global CV Solutions is a market leader in providing professional CV and resume writing as ell as related career services, using a nationwide network of highly experienced consultants who achieve great results in assisting clients to secure interviews

CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters. We create professional CVs and resumes that meet employment-market expectations for all levels from students to executives and for any industry.  We also compile targeted cover letters based on the advised job requirements for positions of interest to clients

CV Updates. CVs need to be regularly updated and we offer an updating and revamping service for both existing and new clients.  It pays to have that CV ready for when your "dream job" is advertised!  

Personal Applications. Sometimes more is sought by an employers than just a CV and a cover letter. Pro forma applications ask more about you and how you see the world of work, as well as requiring you to respond to a variety of scenarios. Scholarships and study grants also require different type of documents.  We can assist you in compiling these  

LinkedIn.  LinkedIn Profiles are another way in which clients can market themselves and we offer a Profile compilation service to both new and existing clients

Interview and Career Coaching. Finally, we support these services by also offering interview preparation coaching and career planning, reviewing and mentoring – all designed to provide clarity, support and impartial professional advice

As well as the above individual services we offer three other services to organisations needing support:


Outplacement.  In times of change and restructure organisations may need to farewell indivuidual staff members.  It is now expected that they will provide support and assistance to these individuals.  This can include CV and cover letter writing as well as interview and career coaching. We can provide any or all of these services.   

Company Documents. Organisations, particularly small to medium ones, need professional assistance in compiling a range of reports, marketing brochures and other documents.     

Proofreading. All the documents we provide to individuals and organisational clients are professionally proofread.  We can also provide the same services to individuals and organisations who need their documents to be well compiled and have a logical flow as well as being grammatically correct.  

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