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What makes a good interview?

One where you are offered the job of course! Seriously though, interviews are usually challenging for most people, daunting for many and plain nerve wracking for the majority. If you are one of the lucky few who enjoy interviews without any stress attached, then you are in the minority. 

There is never one perfect formula that works for all people in all situations. There are many factors that can influence an interview’s positive or negative outcome:



  • a poorly structured or ‘loose’ interview style that rarely brings out the best in people
  • an inexperienced interviewer that doesn’t ask the right questions
  • interruptions and distractions during the interview
  • ‘surprise’ or left-field questions designed to trip you up
  • an interviewer who does all the talking and doesn’t let you speak
  • first impressions deem you to be ‘outside the right team fit’


  • the way you are dressed and presented
  • how you speak and answer questions
  • your interaction with the interviewer/panel and your ability to engage
  • displaying enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role
  • research and knowledge of the company and the position being offered
  • your overall conduct

Then there are key markers:

-  your credibility

-  your likeability

-  your suitability

PLUS a bit of luck and timing!


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