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How do I pay?

There are 3 methods of payment:

1. By clicking on the appropriate CV package, you will be taken through to PayPal where you can make a one off payment by using your credit card. To order see our CV Packages page

2.  You can pay directly to our bank account:


3. You can email, text or call through with your credit card details and we will process through our online ASB payment portal.

Are you specialists in any particular field?

We specialise in providing employment consulting services across all industry sectors and at all levels.

With a wide range of experienced HR and recruitment consultants working for Global CV Solutions, we have written CVs for just about every role and industry. Even if we have not worked with a client in your field of expertise, the principles are the same and with our finely-tuned process of gaining the right information, we are always confident your new CV will maximise your chances of success.

Our business objective is to produce a top quality targeted resume that emphasises your competencies and highlights your achievements, regardless of industry type.

Our CV consultants have industry experience across many sectors within New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Asia and North America.

Do you write CVs from scratch?

Yes we do.  Every resume – regardless of level – is completely rewritten so that both the letter and CV is targeted to your future industry and role.

Everything is about positioning you correctly for the next step in your career so we can only do this by obtaining lots of information at your consultation.


 Do you need all my references?

No we don't. These days, 99% of all reference checks are conducted over the phone so a prudent employer will ask for contact details of your last 2 or 3 managers and call them directly.

By supplying your referee details on your CV, you are inadvertently giving permission to anyone receiving your CV to contact your referees without checking with you first.

Of course good recruitment consultants and ethical employers would usually get your approval and only if they are interested in taking your application further. Of course some roles and occupations, university applications and certain countries, request referee details so if asked, always provide.


How do you gather information for my new Resume?

We gather information by asking you to complete our online form or if your CV is not ordered using this facility then we ask you to complete a simple questionnaire via email.

You may also send us a copy of your existing CV via email or by uploading it whilst completing the form. We will always arrange an in-depth interview via telephone, or Skype to discuss your exact requirements in more detail, usually within 24-36 hours of receiving your order.


Can I split payments?

Sorry we do not offer this as a payment option as we would not release the draft until full payment had been made so there is no benefit and would only hold up your order.


Can I see samples of CVs before I purchase?

Under the Privacy Act, we are unable to show you anyone else's CV without their permission. Also every resume is different and unique - we use a different layout and writing 'tone' for each package, different fonts depending on your age, level, occupation and of course the content is reflective of your brief so what we do for one person in an identical role, may not be what we do for you.

Our guarantee also means that you are 100% protected so if you are not entirely happy, we will rewrite at no charge.


How long will it take for my CV to be completed?

Our standard CV service is 5 working days however this is subject to a few variables so please check with us first.

One of our CV consultants will be in touch within 24-36 hours of your order being received. We will send you a first draft approximately after 4 working days and it is up to you to review the information and to provide comments/feedback with regards to further changes.

Once this information is received these amendments will generally be made within 24 hours. We also offer an express service at an additional cost so you can be sure to meet all urgent application deadlines.  


Can I meet with a consultant for my CV consultation?

The model we work with does not require you to physically meet up with a consultant for preparing a new CV.

This takes more time and is more costly. We are not employing you so seeing how you look or your body language is not relevant.

Talking to you and gaining the right information is important. Our consultants are spread all over New Zealand so depending on your level and background, you may be assigned someone in Invercargill if they are the best person to work with you.


Is it necessary to have more than one CV for different positions?

This basically depends on how different the jobs are. If you are applying for positions within varying industries and therefore have different skill areas you wish to highlight then perhaps you may require more than one CV as major changes will probably be required.

If this is the case we would charge a negotiable fee for the second resume. This will vary from person to person.

If you are staying in the same industry/position then you should be able to use the same CV with only a few minor changes each time. If this is the case we will tweak your CV as many times as you like for a small charge.

Again this will vary from person to person. If you require any further information or a quotation please call 0800 867 287.

How do you protect my privacy?

Please see our terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information.


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"Thank you very much for your hard work and effort in creating my CV for me. I understand this was a difficult one for you and with my unique background and experiences, this did not fit the normal 'Cookie-Cutter' CV. You have done a superb job and exceeded my expectations.

Originally, I expected that you would just fill-in-the-gaps in a standard template and that it would require much tweaking and massaging to create a comprehensive and accurate account of my work history. The completed CV represents much more than that, so many thanks again."

Paul Feenstra - CEO Film & Television - Wellington

"I am very satisfied with the professional, fast and efficient service.

Pleased with the end result - a cutting edge CV which targets my top skills."

Frank Kish - Senior QA Test Lead Manager - Auckland

"Amazing work, what a difference! I couldn't have managed this on my own, thank you.

It is exactly what I require for the UK market, all I have to do is get a job now."

Jon Surman - Business Development Manager - Auckland / Birmingham UK