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p_4.pngStand Out

Ensure you are the best!


To obtain interviews and ultimately a job offer it is essential that you aim to be the best in everything you do.

This includes every aspect of the recruitment process including:

  • Your CV and cover letter
  • Your application email
  • Your email address
  • The way you answer your phone
  • Your voice mail message
  • Your hand shake
  • The way you present and conduct yourself at interview

All these collectively add up to create an impression so if any one of these is not quite right, chances are someone around the corner can tick all the boxes.


For example

Auto Promotions are advertising for a Business Development Manager. They place an advertisement on Seek and receive around 200 applicants for the position. The Sales Manager is recruiting for the role and due to heavy workload can only interview a maximum of 5 candidates.

This is a typical situation in a candidate rich market and in some cases an employer may only want to interview 2 or 3 candidates. We know of some recruiters and companies who only interview one candidate.

Differentiate yourself to add value

If you do not aim to be the best you are more than likely going to miss out.There will probably be around 30 or 40 applicants in the same boat as you are so you must be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else by adding value.

Adding value is not as simple as adding a list of major achievements. You must demonstrate your key competencies and be able to illustrate how those competencies can add value to your future employer’s business.

Looking for some help?

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