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Importance of great content in a professionally written resume

This is a crucial area where your CV can triumph but could also fail.

Next time you read an article in your local newspaper, please take a moment to count just how long it takes before you decide that what you are reading is of absolutely no interest to you. Ask yourself, did I really give the article a chance? Did I even attempt to understand the meaning of the article?

A similar thing very often occurs when a prospective employer reads your CV and cannot instantly see any appeal. There is nothing worse than spending forever and a day working on the content of your CV only to have it cast aside within a matter of seconds.

Choosing the content of your CV is one of the most challenging areas to actually perfect.

This is where professional assistance is very often of great benefit, as your CV is a very strategic document – professionals know what to leave out, what to put in and what areas require prominence.

Your CV must have the correct balance and appeal that is relevant to your target audience. Get this right and you are half way there.

First Impressions 

First impressions are everything. It takes seconds for an opinion to be forged on almost anything. This is very common across many aspects of everyday life and the same can be said for buying a car, meeting new people, watching the television or reading a holiday brochure - your CV is no different.

It is generally accepted that a recruiter or hiring manager will make a decision on your CV within about 6 seconds. 

Take a moment to imagine that you are an employer. You have advertised a role and have received 70 applications. How much time do you honestly think you can dedicate to each CV? Ten minutes? Five minutes? Five seconds?

The truth is that you would not dedicate more than about five seconds if the resume which you are reading has no style or appeal. You would switch off and move on to the next one.

The design and format is the first stage to gaining extra attention, the content and appeal form the second.

Take the 60 Second Challenge

Have a copy of your CV and cover letter, plus the details of the job you are applying for, on the screen in front of you. Imagine you are a busy employer who does not know you at all and has never heard of you. Set the timer to 60 seconds.

First Step

Click open your letter. Skim for 5 - 10 seconds.  Is it clear what role, in which company you are applying for? Do you get a feel for your personality? Do you meet the criteria of the ad or job description? Have you expressed your interest enough? Have you demonstrated that you can do the role?

Stop the clock. Ok, now let’s assume you have achieved the above and that the hiring manager wants to know more about you. Start the clock again…

Second Step

Click open your CV. Skim for 30 - 50 seconds.

What did your eye go to first? What stood out? What parts did you not read or look at? Did your CV reflect the level you are at and, more importantly, the level of the role that you are applying for?

Was it clear what you have done? Your achievements, competencies and skills? Does your CV make it easy for the reader to follow and understand? Is it compelling?

If you can be truly objective and feel that your existing resume achieves this, then you have done very well -  congratulations!

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 Getting your CV right is a real art and has taken us years to perfect!

Remember - you usually only get one shot with a company so make sure you get your CV right the first time.

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"The CV is great, I like it; short and concise.   All I can say is, "Thank God I didn't attempt that myself!"

Thank you for your wonderful skill and especially for accepting the short time frame. I am grateful."

Yvonne Holcomee
Park Ranger, Auckland City