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How good is your CV or Resume?

CV‘s are very subjective. What one person reading your CV gains might be quite different from another. The reason you reach the "selected for interview" stage may differ but will always depend on a few critical variables.

Outside your control:

  • The urgency of the role
  • The time the recruiter gives to sift through applications
  • The other applicants
  • Whether the role exists or is listed to meet ‘HR Policy criteria’
  • Internal candidates
  • Specific criteria met i.e. demographics, race, gender, age (cannot be advertised under the Human Rights Act)

Within your control:

  • Submitting a sub standard CV or letter
  • Missing the deadline
  • Not submitting a personalised letter or additional documentation required
  • Suitability – miss-matching skills and experience to job


 We offer a free no-obligation CV appraisal. All you have to do is send us your existing CV and we will come back to you with our comments and recommmendations in a Proposl for Services.

Our appraisals ssessments are completed by an experienced recruitment professional.  We promise to be 100% honest with you. We are famous for our ‘scores’ out of 10 as some of our testimonials have mentioned.  Our aim is to transform your CV and letter into a 10/10.

For your free appraisal, simply click here or on the FREE CV APPRAISAL button at the top of our home page. Alternatively email your Cv to us at



"I am writing to let you know that I have received the completed CV and Cover Letter. They are perfect!  I especially like the way the Cover Letter is written. It presented the reason I am choosing financial analyst as my career path so fluently and naturally. I also equally enjoyed the phone consultation process. His questions made me think in depth of my past experiences and how these could be related to the job I am currently looking for. In a word, my consultant was "awesome". Thank you very much for introducing me to such a good consultant. It has been another pleasant experience with Global CV."

CL, Financial Analyst, Christchurch


"I feel quite emotional reading the CV which is a true representation of my philosophy and career path... and as for the letter - wow! Up until now I didn't think I had any kind of trajectory at all. Definitely in the midst of the financial struggle and job search this year, I have almost lost sight of any path or achievement. So.....fantastic! Thank you".

Sue, Counsellor, Rotorua