p_2.pngEarly Career

(2-6 years' work experience)

This is one of our most popular CV packages and appeals to a wide cross section of clients for a variety of reasons.

Our Early Career resume package is for anyone who has a work history of up to 6 years and needs to be positioned for the next level.

Key points to note before selecting this package:

  • An ideal package if you are looking for career advancement opportunities and want your existing work experience and transferrable skills summed up and professionally presented so you can compete with other applicants
  • Work experience includes part-time and voluntary work as well as any practical experience gained whilst travelling or working overseas
  • Our Early Career CV package focuses on the type of person you have become through your life and work experiences to date, specialist skills, your unique attributes, relevant training and qualifications, and how all this combined relates to what value you can add to a potential employer
  • If you have changed or wish to change career directions and have more than 6 years work experience but in a completely different sector, this package may still be right for you
  • If in doubt, call us on 0800 867 287.


CV and cover letter - $249 + GST (286.35)

CV only - $199 + GST (228.85)

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