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Enjoy Career Success with our CV Packages

1. Junior Career/Graduate
(Up to 2 years' work experience)

Our Junior Career CV package is suitable for people at the start of their career, looking to be correctly and professionally positioned for the job market in their chosen field.

If you have been working full time or part-time during studies for up to two years, then this is the right Resume package for you.

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2. Early Career
(2-6 years' work experience)

This is one of our most popular CV packages and appeals to a wide cross section of clients for a variety of reasons.

This Resume package is for anyone who has a work history of up to 6 years and needs to be positioned for the next level.

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3. Established Career

Our Established Career CV package is just that – for those at any age or level that are in a stable career and happy to continue along this path. The number of years in employment is irrelevant and it is all about your career focus, level and role within an organisation.

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4. Senior Career
(Already in management)

Our Senior Career package is the most popular request we receive and is designed for those from any industry already working in management.

Here the CVs and letters take a big jump up in terms of targeting specific roles and market sectors with considerable research going in to every CV.

Our consultations are very in-depth and tend to be more like an interview (but in safe hands with us!) so that we truly develop an achievement-focused CV that makes you highly competitive within your industry group and peers.

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5. Executive
(GM, MD, CEO, CFO, etc)

This is our highest level CV package aimed at senior executives, business owners and directors.

This is an extremely focused CV targeting major achievements, leadership competencies across a broad range of business disciplines and major management initiatives you have implemented and driven.

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6. No Frills CV - Professional Resume on a Budget

Feeling the economic pinch lately? We hear you!

We have designed a budget-friendly professional CV package so that you don’t feel short-changed.

Our no frills, reformatted CV will help you to take the next step into your career future.

To create a better professional resume, we can:

  • Reformat your current CV
  • Organise better
  • Proof read for accuracy
  • Delete and add relevant information to help sell you
  • Get this all on 2-3 pages
  • Complete in 5 working days or less

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Note: Our pricing is generally based upon the amount of work necessary to develop your CV, the number of roles and experience we need to cover off plus the level you need to be positioned at for future opportunities.

However there can be exceptions to the rule. If you feel this could be the case, please contact us for a detailed quotation for your CV package or call 0800 867 287 to discuss. 

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